aviationclub - unsere ziele

Our Goals

a) Integration of engaged students of our University into the aviation industry.
Contacts are chief – everyone has encountered this. The aviationclub strives to create a close link between the students of the International University Bad Honnef • Bonn and the aviation industry. The idea is to offer an optimal range of prerequisites to students and to provide companies and universities with opportunities to find qualified personnel or students.

b) The club organizes lectures, speeches, and discussions.
All Aviation Management students as well as important aviation industry members are invited. The topics will vary and depend on the interest of our members.

c) The aviationclub organizes excursions.
This includes excursions to, i.e., locations of maintenance companies for aeronautical equipment, locations of aircraft manufacturers, or storage and sorting warehouses of cargo airlines at cargo airports, etc. The options are diverse and the members decide where to go.

d) An encyclopedia of the aeronautic world will be integrated into our website.
Every member shall contribute one entry every semester. This encyclopedia will be available to all members without any costs.

e) We provide book reviews for lectures and will integrate a bookstore into our website.

f) The aviationclub will inform about potential Master’s Degrees.
Therefore, the aviationclub wants to cooperate with various universities to the end that universities can engage prospective students – and students can consult with their potential future university.